First Computer Vision community meetup in Karachi and next one on ResNet

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I helped organize our first community meetup on Computer Vision and it’s applications in Karachi. There were two talks presented by our members.

Ali Shoaib presented and discussed the Dermatologist-level classification of skin cancer with deep neural networks paper and Umair Arif presented the basics of Image Processing and its importance in Computer Vision, he also talked about some of the research that his Computer Vision Research lab is currently doing in terms of Activity Recognition, Automatic Number plate recognition and more

It was great to know people from our Computer Vision community and learn about their work

In the next meet up I will discuss state of the art Computer Vision architecture – ResNet, I will also show it’s implementation in Keras, how to use ResNet to train on CIFAR-10 and Tiny ImageNet datasets, how to get maximum accuracy by using techniques like babysitting model during training, learning rate decay to train maximum epochs and more, I’m excited about that

If you would like to join our next meetup sign up now

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